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Phone: 289-400-4592

Hi there, I'm Ilya. And I give all kinds of services for you and your home in Oakville.

· Constant surveillance of the house during your absence (cleaning, walking dogs, caring for flowers and animals).

· Snow removal from driveway at any time convenient for you.

· The service "Handy Man" and "Man at Home".

· Delivery and Pickup at the car service and car wash.

· Any work with your back yard.

· Food Deliverance from market.

· Help with moving.

· Your home IT support.

· Any custom work.

After school care

You pay after you are satisfied with results, or your money's back.
My credo is trust; my policy is respect for your property.
Write down and save this number - because you do not know when I will need you.

Call me at 289-400-4592 or Email.

I am always on call
King Regards.

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