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Website: http://www.WatchItFree.TV

Watch more than 100,000 English-language MOVIES (even ones just days old),
+ "almost" every TV episode ever made,
+ SPORTS & Videos worldwide
+ news from almost every country

See MORE entertainment, in better quality, than is possible on any cable or satellite system.

The "old way" was to search through a TV guide, find something you liked, find what time it started, and then make sure you are there to start watching. Or, go through the motions of setting up something to record the show. THEY chose what was on, THEY chose when it started. They also billed you every month. THEY EVEN CHARGED YOU TO QUIT!

The "new way" is to choose anyTHING you want (from an almost limitless source), any TIME you want, and push PLAY when YOU want. You chose. Having to use a TV Guide, or record something, is sub-standard and old fashioned.

There are NO MONTHLY FEES (like 'Flix, or Show Me).There are no usage limits. Updates are automatic and free.

WE INSTALL EVERYTHING in your Oakville-area home. You don't need any computer or technical skills, either. If you can use a remote control, you can use this system. We look after all the technical details.

We also spend 30 minutes showing you in person where everything is, and how to navigate. We provide Parental Controls if you'd like, too. You'll be comfortable finding/ using/ viewing, long before we leave.

One low price (installed) equal to about 3 months of mid-tier cable service. The hardware is warrantied and you own everything. No one can turn you off, no one can bill you, no one can take it away, and there are no limits about WHAT, WHEN, or HOW MUCH you view. Yes, this is legal, and AMAZING!

To request an installation appointment, or read about Features, Prices, and Details, please visit www.Watch It Free .TV

PS: Bought some hardware from a shady store, and can't get it to work? Fed up trying to understand their gobbledygook instructions?Lost and frustrated? Email us for a solution. You're certainly not alone!

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